About Us


A playful extrovert, Will’s chatty and enthusiastic. He loves character-based movies, Veep, Sleater-Kinney, foggy weather, and writing realistic fiction. He spent his months of the pandemic bingeing Brooklyn 99, playing guitar, and exploring the wonders of Thai food. His life-changer shoutouts are: Courtney Love; NBC; his elementary school music teacher; chicken schnitzel; Black Swan; his eccentric group of friends; lemon seltzer; Juno; and Tina fey.


An aspiring intellectual, Susannah loves writing, politics, old things, research, and of course, television. She’s made it her area of expertise during the pandemic, creating a Downton Abbey newsletter simply to keep herself sane and obsessively researching it and every other thing you could think of over the summer. She also owes large parts of her existence to: England, YA romances, her sixth grade social studies teacher, her large extended family, Wikipedia, Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live, Broadway, Mike Schur, the New York Times, New York City, and of course, her close (and, let’s face it, only) friends.

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